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Illusion Creams Over Her New Toy

Illusion has just bought a new toy, but she has not had a chance to try it out yet. So we get to watch as she tries it out for the first time! She starts off by placing it in her mouth to wet it a little bit, teases her nipples a little, then she goes to work on her pussy! This toy is made so that one part is inside her pussy and the other part rests against her clit...and it has a remote control! Illusion plays around with the various settings and starts fucking that hungry pussy of hers! Soon, her pussy is very creamy and we get a nice close look. But is she done yet?

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Melari: First Time Hitachi

Melari is new to the adult porn world, but she is definitely not new to being horny! She is down for anything and decides for her first time on camera, she wants her hands bound and that she wants to try out a new cordless Magic Wand! Soon she is cumming and screaming, writhing around on the bed. Her hungry pussy actually sucks in the head of the Magic Wand at one point. Now, imagine the pussy muscles that must have taken...and how it would feel around your cock or tongue!

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Spanking Bench Punishment

Horny Huntress has been bad and has earned herself some spanking bench punishment. She is spanked, flogged and reminded that there will be no cock for her because of her disobedience. And oh what lovely sounds she makes!

Amateur All Natural Couple Horny Huntress Charlie Bear Spanking Flogging

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The Punishment Continues

Horny Hundreds punishment continues with weighted nipple clamps being put on her already very sensitive nipples. Her body is then subjected to sensation play with a handful of skewers and then her still red ass is spanked some more. Although she begs for cock, Charlie Bear denies her and instead flogs her and the uses a riding crop on her breasts and nipples. But there is still more to come!

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The Punishment Begins

Having been caught masturbating and cumming without permission, Horny Huntress must now face the consequences of her actions. Charlie Bear starts off by stripping her nude,then proceeds to spank her lovely ass until it is nice and red. Finally, a Wartenberg wheel is used on her now very sensitive ass, then the rest of her body, including her breasts, nipples and the inside of her thighs. But, her punishment has just begun....

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I Think I'm Alone Now

Horny Huntress is horny, home alone and in need of some release. She loves the feel of a cock inside of her pussy and she needs some now! She grabs her rainbow cock dildo and her cordless Magic Wand and she decides to fuck herself! She knows that she is not supposed to cum without Charlie Bear's permission, but he will never know...right?

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Illusion Leg Spreader and Magic Wand

Illusion is on her hands and knees, placed in a leg spreader with her ass up in the air. Her clit is subjected to intense vibrations from a Magic Wand until she squirts, pussy juice running down her thighs as she cums!

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Introducing Chatte Rose

Peek in on Bebe Chatte Rose in her very first video as she plays with her pussy and strokes her clit for you. Close up shots of her pussy as she fingers herself.

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Trixie Willcocksin's Debut - Cum for Me!

Trixie is sexy as hell and very excited about cumming for the first time on camera. She has brought along several of her favorite toys just for the occasion. She starts out by teasing and stroking her clit and pussy and then she brings out the toys. She finishes herself off with a loud and intense orgasm! What a debut!

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Masturbating in Hood

Hooded, blindfolded and ball gagged, Mojo's Charm is placed in a corner and allowed to masturbate. Knowing that she is being watched, but not being able to see makes her pussy very wet and hungry! She strokes her clit and fingers her pussy, pleasuring herself.

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Ms LadyG Takes Things Into Her Own Hands

Ms Lady G is a sexy, horny BBW with a pussy that is hot and wet for fucking. She likes to have her pussy played with and fucked and since there is no one around to help, she has decided to take matters into her own hands. She has a new vibrator that she wants to put through its paces, so she today is the day. She starts out rubbing her pussy, then stripping off her panties so she can start playing with that hard clit and slip her fingers into her hot and wet pussy. When she has her pussy nice and wet, she starts to fuck herself with her vibrator, moaning as she does. She even uses that vibrator on her ass. After she makes herself cum, she tastes her pussy juices...satisfied. For now....

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Morning Quickie

Tish's boyfriend has to get ready for work...but she has to taste and feel some cock before he leaves. She is a little nervous at first, but figures what the hell! She drops to her knees in front of him and start sucking on his black cock to make him nice and hard for her. Before long, he is grabbing her head and fucking her mouth. Before long, they are on the bed and he is ready to fuck her hard and fast with his hard cock. Tish's pussy is wet and ready for him. Get up close and watch as his cock slams into her hot wet pussy!

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Mel: Orgasm Belt

Mel decides to try out the Hitachi with an orgasm belt for the first time. She starts out at a low simmer and has several orgasms, before clenching her legs tightly together and finally having a very intense orgasm, ending up totally spent!

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Balloon Play with Illusion

Dressed in bra, panties and heels, Illusion decides to have some sexy play time with some balloons.

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Featuring: Illusion

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Slow Burn

Illusion is a bit horny, but she decides to take her time cumming. So she takes out her vibrator and teases herself into a slow burn...until she finally reaches a satisfied orgasm!

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Starting the day off Right

Illusion wakes up feeling very rested, but also very horny! She reaches under her pillow for her favorite vibrator, spreads her legs and begins to play with her hungry pussy! Teasing her pussy at first, she gets on her knees so she can hit her clit in just the right way. She knows how to start her day off right!

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Anya Apple Orgasm Belt

Anya Apple tries out an orgasm belt for the first time. Sounds like she likes it!

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Trixie Masturbating in the Shower

Trixie takes her waterproof vibrator and one of her other favorite toys and decides to have a little bit of fun in the shower. It gets hot and steamy in there and not just from the water! Enjoy her wet sexy body as she teases her clit and fucks her pussy to orgasm!

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Broken Wings Masturbating

Broken Wings starts masturbating by licking her fingers and finger fucking her pussy why she plays with her ample pierced tits. Soon she reaches over for her vibrator and gives her pussy the fucking that it needs. She finishes off my licking her tasty pussy juices from the vibrator and a smile for you.

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Trixie Willcoxsin: Bound Orgasm Challenge

"I'm not sure I'm ready for the Hitachi..." and then she said she was game to give it a try. And to make her first time with a Hitachi even more interesting (as if using the Hitachi wasn't enough), Trixie is bound as well! After a bit of a warm up and a little bit of lube, things get serious. Trixie has several bound orgasms before she has to finally have a rest. And she looks and sounds so damn hot when she is cumming!

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MILF Vibrator Masturbation

Sexy, horny MILF Daron has never masturbated on camera before, so she would like to introduce herself as she cums for you for the first time! She was very turned on it and it was not long before she had her first orgasm as a new amateur porn model. Stay tuned...there will be more from her!

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Clean Up in Aisle 6

Isabelle Cream finger fucks her pussy and tit fucks herself with a dildo until she squirts.

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Anya Bound and Blindfolded

Just a playful video with Anya bound and blindfolded. And just to be honest, this video is to show off her ass and pussy while she struggles. She is wearing sexy black lingerie, short enough to show off her shaved pussy and bare ass, and leopard print heels.

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Bound Orgasm and Squirting

Isabelle Cream is blindfolded, hands bound to the bed and clothespins on her nipples. (What a lovely sight!) And while she is tied down, a Hitachi is placed against her lovely, ebony pussy, rubbing against her clit and bringing her to the edge of orgasm. But before she can cum, the Hitachi is placed against her very sensitive nipples. And here's a lovely surprise...she's ticklish! With wicked pleasure, the Hitachi is placed against her clit and she is teased to the edge of orgasm repeatedly. The clothespins are removed, allowing circulation to flow back into her sensitive nipples before being replaced and subjected to the vibrations from the Hitachi. Before long, Isabelle Cream is brought to her first squirting orgasm! She thinks she is done, but no...there is more to cum! Watch as she has two more very impressive squirting orgasms and then collapses exhausted, after totally soaking the bed.

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Pussy in a Tree

Oh, we have all seen a pussy up in a tree at least once in our lives, but you have never seen a pussy in a tree like this! Broken Wings climbs up in a tree and treats you to an upskirt flash of her skimpy black panties. Once there, she begins to play with her pussy, but decides that she absolutely has to get out of those panties. She slips them off and then slips her fingers into her now soaking pussy and begins to finger fuck herself while up in the tree. Listen closely and you can hear how wet her pussy is! Before long, she is moaning as she plays with her tits, her legs spread wide to give you a perfect view. She makes herself cum quickly, then licks her fingers clean of her tasty pussy juices.

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Illusion - Bubble Bath Masturbation

Illusion decides to treat herself to a nice bubble bath and an orgasm...with a little help from her vibrator! Watch as she spreads her legs and slowly brings herself to a satisfying orgasm.

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Anya Hanging Out in Her Hotel Room

Anya has some time to herself and is hanging out in her hotel, relaxing. She struts around in her bra and panties for a bit, checking out her ass and breasts in the mirror, before stripping down and stretching out on the bed

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Mel Showers and Shaves in the Shower - Close Ups

Lots of close up views of Mel lathering up and shaving her pussy. Close ups on her breasts, ass and pussy as she showers and shaves. After that, she lays down a takes a few moments to enjoy the feeling of the water running across her bare pussy and clit. Next, she stands to admire her work, caressing the smooth skin of her newly shaved pussy.

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Rayne Meadows - Maid Fetish

Rayne dons her sexy maid outfit and does a little cleaning around the house. She sweeps the floor and washes dishes, all in her very sexy maid outfit. And some very sexy shots of her ass while she is bending over to sweep!

Ass Rayne Meadows House Cleaning Maid Fetish

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Mel's Reward - Outdoor Masturbation

Mel has been so very good today. She has gotten all of her chores done inside and she has earned herself a reward! Still wearing her new pony tail butt plug, she goes out on her balcony to enjoy the weather. She can not keep her hands off of her butt plug and soon she is playing with it, pressing it deeper inside of her ass and stroking her skin with the pony tail. She starts to play with her pussy while she enjoys the feel of the sun on her skin and wonderful weather outside. Mel turns so that the warm sun is shining on her exposed pussy and it feels so nice that she begins to stroke her clit and to finger fuck herself. Her pussy soon becomes wetter, making those lovely slurping sounds as she strokes herself. She kneels up on her chair and strokes her pussy as she looks over her balcony, watching as people walk around. What a great view of her ass this way! What she doesn't know is that you can see her...and you are enjoying the free show that she is putting on for you

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