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Sneaking a Peek in the Shower

The temptation was just too great...could not resist the urge to check her out while she was taking her shower. The way the water and soap runs down the curves of her body is wonderful. And what an ass she has on her! Especially love that view when she bends over to shave her legs!

Featuring: Anya Apple

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Teasing Massage

MissTiff loves to give massages and Rayne Meadows is now on her table. MissTiff teases Rayne by massaging her breasts, teasing the nipples and standing with her pussy close to Rayne. She lightly strokes between Rayne's legs, making her pussy ache for more...and flips Rayne over and smacks her ass. MissTiff gives a teasing massage to Rayne for some time...but will she make her cum

Featuring: Miss-Tiff, Rayne Meadows

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Balcony Masturbation

Isabelle Cream decides to move her fun outside. First she clips clothespins to the nipples of her lovely large breasts, because the feeling gets her pussy so hot and wet. Next, she licks her glass dildo and slides it into her hungry pussy and begins to fuck herself with her, stopping every now and then to lick her tasty pussy juices off of the soaked glass dildo.

Featuring: Isabelle Cream

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Miss-Tiff: Study Break

Miss-Tiff has been studying very hard. But all study and no play makes for no fun and she is suddenly quite horny! She lays her book down and decides to relieve some built up sexual tension.

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Miz Daisy Day

The preacher's daughter gets a bit naughty! And she's damn good at being bad!

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Illusion - First Photo Shoot

Illusion's very first photo shoot for Southwest Fantasies!

Number of pictures: 93

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