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Starting the day off Right

Illusion wakes up feeling very rested, but also very horny! She reaches under her pillow for her favorite vibrator, spreads her legs and begins to play with her hungry pussy! Teasing her pussy at first, she gets on her knees so she can hit her clit in just the right way. She knows how to start her day off right!

Featuring: Illusion

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MILF Vibrator Masturbation

Sexy, horny MILF Daron has never masturbated on camera before, so she would like to introduce herself as she cums for you for the first time! She was very turned on it and it was not long before she had her first orgasm as a new amateur porn model. Stay tuned...there will be more from her!

Featuring: Daron


Clean Up in Aisle 6

Isabelle Cream finger fucks her pussy and tit fucks herself with a dildo until she squirts.

Featuring: Isabelle Cream


Illusion - Bubble Bath Masturbation

Illusion decides to treat herself to a nice bubble bath and an orgasm...with a little help from her vibrator! Watch as she spreads her legs and slowly brings herself to a satisfying orgasm.

Featuring: Illusion

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Mel's New Butt Plug

Mel has just gotten a new butt plug! It's a blonde horse hair butt plug and she can hardly wait to try it out. She kneels down next to her bed, lubes up the butt plug and starts to slide it into her lovely ass. After making a few adjustments, she lays down on the floor and plays a bit, so she can try out how it feels inside of her ass. She plays with her pussy and touches her ass, to make sure that everything is fitting and staying in place well. Mmm...her nipples are getting hard through her t-shirt as she plays! Mel is wearing black lace leggings that she has modified just for this purpose....

Featuring: Mel

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Mojo's Charm - First Time Hitachi/Bound Orgasm

Mojo's Charm is an exciting new model! She has not had any experience at all with Hitachi's or bound orgasms. So, we but the orgasm belt on her, grabbed her favorite cock dildo and let the good times roll! Ooooh...does she sound GOOD when she cums! And after many orgasms, she lies exhausted.... Be on the look out for more from her!

Featuring: Mojo's Charm

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Broken Wings - Bound Orgasm Challenge

Broken Wings is always up for a challenge. This one is fairly simple (or least it sounds that way). She has to allow herself to be bound, have the Hitachi placed between her legs and against her clit and ride the way of orgasms as long as she can. Win, win right? Watch and listen to her as she cums and cums and cums!

Featuring: Broken Wings


Mirror Twins - Dildo Fucking

Watch as a big jelly dildo slides home into a very wet pussy...such lovely sounds as she slams her pussy back hard around that thick, long dildo. Those lovely sounds as she fucks her pussy and watching her in the mirror gives you twice the fun! Stroke your cock for her as she fucks that sweet pussy for you.... Listen to her cum...and what a nice ass she has too!

Featuring: Anya Apple

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Kaylea's first photo shoot for Southwest Fantasies

Number of pictures: 103

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Lady Lykan - An Introduction

Lady Lykan would like to introduce herself with a few self-portraits!

Number of pictures: 14

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Mojo's Charm

Mojo's Charm first bound Hitachi orgasm, with a nice thick dildo thrown in for good measure!

Number of pictures: 7

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Illusion - First Photo Shoot

Illusion's very first photo shoot for Southwest Fantasies!

Number of pictures: 93

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Miz Daisy Day

The preacher's daughter gets a bit naughty! And she's damn good at being bad!

Number of pictures: 140

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Miss-Tiff: Study Break

Miss-Tiff has been studying very hard. But all study and no play makes for no fun and she is suddenly quite horny! She lays her book down and decides to relieve some built up sexual tension.

Number of pictures: 51

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Pussy Pump

Isabelle Cream having some fun with her pussy pump. After that, she spends some time in her ball gag.

Number of pictures: 18

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